About Us

Prime Health Services (Prime Health) is a managed care company that offers a full spectrum of services, including a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) ready for access with customizable solutions, as well as international PPO and repricing offerings. Prime Health's PPOs include Workers' Compensation, Group Health, and Auto Liability networks.

Prime Health has over 600,000 providers and facilities in all 50 states and the District of Columbia forming the Prime Health National Delivery System ready for workers' compensation, group health, general and auto liability claims payors nationwide. Prime Health offers our National Delivery System to the TPA, insurance carrier, and self-insured markets.


Our PPO service began in 1996 when a Tennessee hospital determined a need for a regional workers' compensation network. This network experienced excellent growth during the next five years while serving clients in Tennessee. The owner's goals and direction, however, changed in 2001, and Prime Health began its quest to become as strong regional and eventually a national PPO development and delivery system.

Prime Health has since been committed to maintaining and improving their former hospital owner's tradition. The mission of Prime Health is now to provide the best service with the deepest discounts, while continuing to develop a state-by-state national PPO presence.

Prime Health's state-by-state networks have excellent provider coverage in both metropolitan areas and smaller communities. We are rapidly expanding to offer clients the broadest National Delivery System for their needs. Prime Health gives its client partners access to competitive discounts and high quality providers.